PrintEat showcase: 2400€ for food design!

PrintEat contest

Hey thingaragers,

No this is not a joke! We are here to showcase another great opportunity to leave your mark and to show the world your talent: PrintEat! The contest opened today has a new challenging goal: creating the pasta 3D shape of the future!

Why PrintEat and what to create?

PrintEat is the definitive contest for 3D modelers who love food design!

Why? Because it enables them to get the best out of their creativity by producing new shapes of pasta that could be 3D printed directly at home or in your favorite restaurant!

Goal of PrintEat is, indeed, to revolutionize the concept of pasta, at least in the appearance in which we used to know!

The designers are invited to join a creative effort to subvert the traditional patterns of production (extrusion and mold) by producing morphologies that can be accomplished only through 3D printing!

Who promotes this contest?

Food Design PrintEat

The creative contest has been commissioned to Thingarage by a notorious international brand, leader in the field of food & beverages.

We can not tell you more than that..but if youre curious and you are interested in this competition, we warmly advice you to subscribe to thingaragejoin the contest and download its toolkit!

Youll discover precious informations that will be surely useful to start creating!

Food Design Print EatHow does this contest works and how to win?

Participation to this contest is free and open to all designers, 3D artistsfirms or groups of designers worldwide.

Every contestant is obliged to subscribe to thingarage website and complete his/her/its designer profile. Contestants that will not complete their profile within the deadline will be excluded.

As usual, each contestant has to upload at least one 3D model in the formats specified in the brief available here and one HD rendering. In addition to the rendering (required) Thingarage will also accept sketches and/or photos of the pre-prototype (jpg png).

The 3D model must be original, not copied or taken from other 3D modeling sites.

The fundamental aspects that will be considered evaluating all the contestants’ submissions will be: creativity (who dares, wins), simplicity (minimal is chic), a 3D print-ready model (no comment), on briefnesstechnical skills and presentation!

 What can I win by participating?

Food Design PrintEatThis time the three winners will be awarded of 800€ [VAT included] for creating the 3D model.

The company sponsoring the contest also announced that other prizes could be assigned directly to designers who will produce interesting models.

The winning submissions will be decided directly by the company that promoted the contest on Their final decision will be unquestionable.

Closing this post, we give you a major tip: don’t waste time! Early submissions have more chances to receive feedbacks and comments from thingarage mentors! Don’t rush in when deadline approaches, upload as soon as you can!

So, hope to receive your revolutionary designs as soon as possible! See you soon on thin garage or on the twitter hashtag #PrintEat!